The Brave

Ladies Club

Hello, my name is Brave. 


Well, really my name is Nikki......Nik to most of my close friends. But in 2015 my first husband took his own life and I had to meet the brave in me to continue on with my own. What is The Brave Ladies Club? It's a private Facebook group for women ages 18-100 who have lost a spouse/partner to suicide. This club is a place to lift each other up, help guide each other through our storms, and to bond with the only other women out there who truly understand what being this type of survivor truly feels like. We will offer advice, healing, tell our stories, and have a safe place to speak our truths. 




Are you still living after their suicide? 


Then you are one Brave Lady.




I wish you weren't in this club but I welcome you with open arms and a great big hug,


Nik Bonkoski

Founder of The Brave Ladies Club

Est: 2017 










I'm almost 5 years out and I am remarried and I am healed and happy. I am not living in the past or stuck in my grief and trauma. I am healed and you can get to this point too. My PTSD, nightmares, and panic attacks are gone. I continue this support group because I care about women who have gone through this unimaginable trauma. I want to be of support and help and lead other women into their healed future. I offer 3-week daily email support for $200.00 USD. You can also gift one of these support packages to a Brave Lady in your life. I am a Spiritual Mentor, Grief Support Specialist, and a fellow Brave Lady. 

Contact me here to start your 3-week email support or to gift one to another Brave Lady:







Hey there Brave Lady. 

To join.....

Reminder: This is a group ONLY for women who lost a spouse/partner to suicide. You must answer the questions when asked to join or you won't be added to the group. Thank you! 

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